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Impetuous Man’s identity is revealed!

Saturday, February 3rd, 2007

When my brother Jack and I were in northwest China about 18 months ago, doing research for Women of the Gobi, one of us took a photo of a poster outside a shop in Dunhuang. We thought it must be advertising some kind of Chinese Vlagra. I posted the pic here a couple of months ago, and it’s in my Flickr photostream.

Impetuous man

At the time, someone pointed out that the man looked like Penn Jillette from the magic/comedy duo Penn and Teller. ‘Meh,’ I said.

But this morning I was alerted to the fact that Penn was sent a link to my Flickr pic, and he talked about it in his February 1 podcast. As he quite rightly pointed out, it looks as if he’s strangling a woman while having sex with her. Later I looked at my Flickr account and saw that the photo had been viewed nearly 600 times, which is up just a bit from the usual two or three friends checking out the latest pictures of my puppy…

So hello to anyone who followed the links and got here! Have a look at my other China photos, and check out my book – it’s about my 2005 trip to China in the footsteps of three English women who crossed the Gobi desert on a donkey cart in the 1920s. It’s got monkey kings and Celine Dione songs and living Buddhas and yak hotpot – you’ll love it. (Oh, and ordering direct from Pluto Press is cheaper than Amazon.)


Friday, February 2nd, 2007

I haven’t been able to stop and draw breath for the last couple of months, let alone update this site. Chris and I had to unexpectedly move house, and I’ve been working like a dog with LP editing. Actually, considering my dog’s life involves being cuddled, having impromptu songs composed in his honour on the ukulele…

Chris serenading Luffy

… and licking the dregs out of ice-cream bowls and sniffing butts down at the park, that’s hardly an appropriate analogy.

We’ve moved from Clifton Hill, which is apparently number 2 or so in the ‘Melbourne’s most liveable suburbs’ lists, and is populated mainly with well-off white left-leaning folk (think Cultural Studies lecturers), to Brunswick West, which is about number 135 on the same list, and is decidedly more multicultural and working class. The rent’s a lot cheaper, the take-away pizza is both cheaper and tastier (and available on every street corner), the Mediterranean Wholesalers and Coburg Trash and Treasure are nearby … sounds pretty liveable to me.

I’ll update a bit over the next couple of days, with links to lots of Women of the Gobi review-y goodness. But for now, here I am with the damned donkey.

Simpson and his donkey