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Mortifying Lists, Part 1

Sunday, April 22nd, 2007

The things that spilled all over the kitchen floor this morning when I was attempting to tip the rubbish-bin bag from the rubbish bin into a big garbage bag, without having tied up the bin bag first, include:

  • paper napkin coated with leftover dog food scraped out of dog bowl because it was starting to smell bad (as in rotting bad, not just usual dog-food bad);
  • beetroot dip;
  • envelopes with plastic windows (hence not in recycling bin) addressed to former tenants whose mail we have sent back too many times already, splattered with beetroot dip;
  • sock with hole in heel, soaked in dog saliva, stained with beetroot dip;
  • hair-dye applicator bottle (dark auburn), leaking; and
  • slimy old beans.