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Listen to me!

Sunday, May 6th, 2007

I got a cool package in the mail the other day: Women of the Gobi on seven CDs, produced by Louis Braille Audio and read by an actress called Melissa Chambers. So if you can’t read or you’ve got a nine-hour drive coming up, you can listen to the whole book. Go on, I challenge you.

Melissa has done a great job, from what I’ve listened to (I haven’t had a spare nine hours yet). Her pronunciation of Chinese names is way better than mine, and she even does all the accents – American, Chinese, a kind of modified posh English for all the quotes from the Trio’s books. She does my brother Jack in a drawling, Aussie-bloke voice which is very funny, even if it’s nothing like his real accent.

Copyright issues notwithstanding, I might try to make MP3s of a few choice excerpts and put them up here (I particularly want to share the way Melissa elegantly reads the line ‘The speakers at the front of the bus blasted the most popular song in China ever, Celine Dion’s fucking ‘My Heart Will Go On’.”). By which, of course, I mean I’ll pester Chris to do it. Stay tuned.

(Added later: I think that was the only swear-word in the whole book. Someone recently emailed my publisher to say that it needed to be removed from the next edition, as if it was a printing accident or something – he had liked me up until then, but that line destroyed his sympathy for me. Obviously he’s never had to listen to endless muzak versions of Celine Dion.)