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Quick Update

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Tonight I’m flying to India again. After deciding I wouldn’t do the Lonely Planet authoring again, I’m, well, doing it again. Long story. I’ll be covering Tamil Nadu, the state where I grew up, which is great. I have only a few words of Tamil, but it’s enough to bluff with. I’ve been googling to find rants about the previous LP coverage, and it seems like Chennai bloggers were a tad unhappy about the somewhat negative intro to their city. Personally I’ve never had a great time in Chennai as I’m always either jetlagged or about to fly home, but I get a few weeks this time, so hopefully Chennai can reveal her more interesting side to me.

Second piece of news: I just signed a book contract with Hardie Grant, for the book about my trip to India last year in the footsteps of murdered missionary Graham Staines. I might be kidding myself, but I hope I’ll be able to get some writing done in the evenings while I’m on the road over the next seven weeks.

What I won’t be kidding myself about is my ability to blog while I’m on the road. But I’ll be tweeting! I don’t have time to install one of those nifty ‘follow me on Twitter’ buttons, but my user name is katejames – I know, creative naming eh.

I’ll miss my dogs and my man. Apparently Chris is going to build a huge barbecue while I’m away, and roast a goat on a spit when I get back. Can’t wait.