Chingrish: funny for about five minutes

When I first arrived in China, I laughed at, and wrote down, every instance of strange English spelling and usage that I saw. I prowled the streets searching for wacky signage to photograph.



But after a while, I realised that I didn’t have enough notebooks, or space on my camera’s memory card, to contain all the misshapen English around me. And my Chinese is pretty terrible (the way I said “One ticket to Jiuquan”, for example, sounded exactly like “Please point me toward the left-luggage office”; the bus-station staff were very amused), so it seemed kind of patronising of me to be chortling at Chingrish. And then, after a while, I stopped noticing it.

Although I perked up when I saw this, mainly because that’s what you’d have to suffer from to fit into the clothes sold in this shop.


This one also had me intrigued, mainly because of the agonised look on the woman’s face. I’m assuming it’s advertising some kind of Vlagra-type tonic. Perhaps.

Impetuous man

Update: How could I have forgotten this?

2 Responses to “Chingrish: funny for about five minutes”

  1. Incognita says:

    Isn’t that Alexander Downer “Impetuous Man’ — they’ve even got the right super-hero name for him…

  2. adam says:

    It looks like Penn from Penn and Teller…

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