Oh boo hoo

Lyn Gardner, theatre critic at the Guardian, has published a piece about being a first-time author, describing how releasing her book into the world was something of an anticlimax.

It feels a bit like having been pregnant for a monstrously long time only to discover that nobody takes a blind bit of notice when the baby finally arrives. It’s when you announce the pregnancy or, rather, sell your book that the congratulations and the champagne flow. Eighteen months on, all interest has evaporated.

Fair enough, I’m understanding that feeling myself. But her statement that “I know that I am not young enough, pretty enough or well enough connected to attract media attention” is a bit disingenuous, coming from a regular writer at a major newspaper, who has been given space in said paper to write about her first-time-authoring experience. Like most writers, I’d kill for a media connection like that (not to deingrate my own media connection, ie my friends and former colleagues at Leader Newspapers – big ups to my Leader peeps!).

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