I know the names of most of the dogs at my local park, but I’ve got no idea about most of the owners. Sometimes you see a dog with a different handler to usual, and you just greet the dog – ‘Yo Murphy, walking with dad today are you?’.

The other day I was walking Luffy, and a young couple walked towards us with a tiny, aggressive terrier-type mutt on a lead. Luffy usually bounds all over new dogs, but he approached this one carefully, keeping his body low and letting her smell him. She snarled and nipped at Luffy, but he kept acting submissive and before too long they were sniffing like crazy and even playing a little.

The girl was really grateful that I even let my dog near her little spitfire. “People usually drag their dogs away, they think she’s going to attack them,” she said.

The dog’s name was Vicky, because the couple had found her at the Queen Victoria market a couple of weeks earlier; she seemed to have been abandoned, and she was shivering and being harassed by some stupid teenagers. The young woman insisted on taking her home.

‘The vet says she’s been mistreated, that’s why she’s so aggressive,’ she said.

‘She’s hard work, but I understand where she’s coming from. I was a foster child, and I gave my foster mum a hard time, but she loved me and never gave up on me. And I’m not going to give up on Vicky.’

That’s a lucky dog for you.

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  1. Jo says:

    Lovely, Kate! What a great story in a week when the press is full of sad, sad news. We should have that coffee some time…

  2. kate says:

    Sad news this week indeed, they should never have let Paris out of jail early…
    Yes Jo, I actually have some spare time next week, I’ll email you.

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