Oh dear, locked in the lavatory

Last weekend I was interviewed on Radio National. I had to go to the ABC’s Southbank studio here in Melbourne and sit in the Tardis and answer some easy questions about Women of the Gobi. But it nearly didn’t happen.

I arrived compulsively early, as is my wont (7.40am when I was told 8.15, if you must know), and asked the tech guy to point me towards the toilet. I had to pass through a glass door with a warning sign that said the door was locked between 7pm and 7am, which obviously wasn’t going to be a problem. I went through and found the loos and, well, you know. Then I tried to go back out through the door. It was locked. There was no-one around on either side. I banged on the door. Nothing. I was locked in the dunny at the ABC.

Eventually I turned on my phone (ignoring notices about how it would interfere with radio equipment) and called Directory Assistance, who put me through to the ABC’s Sydney office, who in turn patched me through to the security guard who was sitting just metres away from me.

He thought it was a great joke.

Whereas I was nervous enough about the interview anyway, so I was hyperventilating by now.

I don’t think any of my friends listen to Radio National, or get up before midday on Saturday for that matter, but a few of their mums heard the interview. Ah the oldies, they’re my biggest fans.

Tonight I’m talking about author/editor relationships at the Victorian Writers Centre – which is why instead of preparing a talk I’m procrastinating by mucking around on Facebook and updating here…

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  1. Ben says:

    I’ve little doubt I’m your biggest fan… and I heard it… Didn’t you get my email? I thought your tone was Light but Intelilligent and Engaging – not realising the ordeal and need for oxygen that produced it.

    If your other friends don’t listen to Radio National, more fool them – the show on just after your interview, from 9-10 on Saturday morning, is terrific – all about architecture and design and food and things. I’ll bet your interview shifted a few copies in Glenferrie Rd and places like that.- the oldsters still buy the odd book.

  2. Ben says:

    “Intelilligent” – oh dear

  3. kate says:

    No I didn’t get your email – a bit concerning as a few emails seem to have slipped through lately. I’ll check with my brother as to what’s going on with The James House server.
    I’m glad someone under 50 heard me!!

  4. Yvette says:

    Kate….. Hello. Well done!!
    I picked up your Book at my local library yesterday as I grazed the travel 900’s, ‘as you do’!! (I’ve yet to find out which librarian to thank for purchasing it)….and read half of it last night. Despite being down with the flue, I was again transported to the wilds of western China, and delightfully so.
    I’m a Trio fan too, having inherited several books from my late Great Aunty Mary, and like you, found the rest on eBay. Aunty Mary heard the Trio speak in Melbourne.
    Your sense of adventure and humour make Women of the Gobi an engaging and very entertaining read. I’m enjoying the weaving of a story familiar and precious to me with the unknown dimensions of your journey. My journey hasn’t yet taken me to China but I’m indebted to the Trio as an ongoing source of inspiration. They certainly knew about adventure as a way of life, and I suspect each had a well exercised sense of humour.
    SO…as you reacted to the news that Patricia (can’t remember her surname at mo) had done what you wanted to do (and maybe even written ‘your’ book)…so also I felt you’d beaten me to the ‘Trio trail’….. I’m not miffed rather I’m impressed and encouraged by your spirit! though (at first) I felt a distinct mix of pride and jealousy because you are also a Melbourne girl; like being beaten by one’s little sister! Ha, Ha!
    Thankyou so much for making your journey and sharing it so beautifully…I’ll finish reading all too soon!
    Sorry I missed your Radio interview…maybe I can find it online?
    May you and your book be all you hope for and more..
    Kind regards Yvette

  5. kate says:

    Yvette, thanks so much and I will email you in the next day or two, but just briefly, the radio interview can be heard/downloaded at the “interviewed on Radio National” link above.

  6. Ange says:

    Hi kate, i just finished Women of the Gobi and loved it. I loved your honesty and all the detail of your everyday there, interwoven with the Trio. What are you doing now? Do you have another adventure planned?

  7. kate says:

    Ange, your comment accidentally got lumped in with all the Spam so I missed it … thanks for your comments, and I’ve just put up a new post with the new plans.

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