Kate gets hacked

Anyone who’s tried to email me at the address on my About page – kate@katejames.net – in the last few months probably thinks I’m a rude cow who doesn’t respond to her emails. Which may sometimes be true, but in this case I wouldn’t have got your message(s). It took me a fair bit longer than it should have to realise I was missing some emails (this isn’t my primary address), and when I finally looked at my admin page it turned out I’d been hacked by what looked like a soccer-tshirt salesman from somewhere in the Balkans who I won’t link to for fear of giving him even more free publicity.

So please, if you wrote to tell me about how much you liked my book (or offer me a fabulous contract to write another one), give it another go!

I’ve been busy with LP work, as usual. A few website posts have been planned but not written. One was about how my favourite Lebanese pastry shop was inexplicably full of hip thirtysomething Anglos one morning – turns out the damned Age had mentioned the place in its Epicure section. The other unposted posts were all connected to my dog in one way or other.

In Women of the Gobi news, it’s now a year since the launch and I’ve received two royalty cheques. Yes, I’m officially profitable. I’m still dithering over the proposal for the potential next book, as well as sucking up to a commissioning editor in order to get myself a writing job on the next Lonely Planet India guide. More interesting news than this soon, I promise.

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