Ways to waste time

I don’t know how long it’s been up, but Women of the Gobi now has its own page on Google Book Search, which is pretty neat. The whole text is there and searchable, and the coolest thing is the world map that has a little marker for each of the towns mentioned in the text; click on the Urumqi marker and you get all the references to Urumqi in the book. Go check it out!

I don’t know if searching your own book online is a bit like smelling your own farts or something, but I’m having fun navigating around using the various Google Book Search tools. I don’t have any work to do this week, but instead of writing a book proposal or pitching articles or other worthy things, I’m obsessively playing a whole lot of Scrabulous with people who should be working.

There are certain people, who I won’t name, who I have long suspected of cheating at Scrabulous … people who don’t strike me as having huge vocabularies, and yet they put down lots of words that I’ve never heard. Recently I sent all my Scrabulous buddies a story about Scrabulous cheats, and got an admission of guilt out of someone I hadn’t even suspected – but the intended target didn’t comment, and continues to beat me with some very dodgy words. You know who you are, you sneaky vixen.

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