I ain’t got no linkage

So I’m adding links to my blogroll, and I’m realising that very few of my friends have any kind of online presence. Chris has been blogging since the beginning of time (since last century, anyway), and even my mother had a web page before I did, but few of my buddies are burning to share their brilliant thoughts with … well, anyone who’s not sitting at their table at the pub.

Good for them, I say.

It just means nobody’s going to be linking to me (sniff).

4 Responses to “I ain’t got no linkage”

  1. Incognita says:

    Add me add me — though I’m waiting until the book is actually published to review the dust-related elements of it….so can’t link back until then… I have del.icio.us-ed you tho’…. and that counts…

  2. adam says:

    I’ve linked to you. is only fair in a quid pro quo kind of way.

  3. kate says:

    Ah, the begrudging link; the sweetest link of all.

  4. adam says:

    No begrudging here, milady. May it bring you many referrers.

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