Back on the horse

Obviously, I blame Facebook. And Twitter. If there’s a choice between composing a well-thought-out blog entry on a fascinating topic or posting a status line (Kate James is looking for something sequinned at the op shop to complete her Dolly Parton outfit for tomorrow’s party), the one-liner is going to win. Plus I don’t yet have a new book to flog. But here I am, at last, procrastinating so hard from working on the new book that I’m getting back on the bloggy horse. Hi y’all.

So. Last year I went to India with Australia Council money for the potential book described in the last post, travelling from Ooty up the east coast to Kolkata, with a fabulous unscheduled break up in Darjeeling. Since I got back there’s been a lot of editing work available, which of course I’ve taken (the life of a freelancer…) and so the writing has been coming along very slowly. I’m nearly finished the fourth chapter, so what’s that, about a third of the way through?

But I can’t just blame work (or Facebook, or new puppies). The first three chapters, which have taken me months to put together, are about spending time around Christians, and it’s still emotional work dealing with some of the issues that necessarily come up. When I reached chapter four – In Which Our Heroine Lives Among The Atheists – everything started flowing. I’ve actually enjoyed writing about it. Of course that makes me a bit nervous for the next chapter, when I reach the leprosy mission in Orissa…

In other book-related news, I still don’t have a publisher. I’m working on it. Stay tuned.

Seeing as I’m writing about the atheists at the moment, here’s a pic from the wall at their hospital; it shows that you can reproduce the effect of Ganesh miraculously ‘drinking’ milk with a bottle of yummy Slice mango drink.

atheist centre

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